March 24, 2020

TurnKey Refuses Refund to Customers

Austin-based TurnKey Vacation Rentals refuses to refund customers canceling because of coronavirus

AUSTIN, Texas — Nye Peterson and her family, who live in Round Rock, saved all year – almost $2,000 – for a ski trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Last week, they were in the car, watching coronavirus slowly shut down the city they were headed toward. Before they got there, the family made the tough decision to turn around and cancel their trip.

“I mean, we were trying to do what was best for everyone,” Peterson said.

The safety of Peterson’s daughter, Zoe, is especially at risk right now.

Zoe Peterson has Trisomy 18, a rare condition that causes developmental delays because of an extra chromosome. Most kids who have it don’t live past their first year, but Nye Peterson’s daughter is five.

“We just don’t know how it will affect her,” Nye Peterson said. “So, if she were to get sick, we don’t know what that would mean.”

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